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Tricia GUelda
Tricia GUelda 5.0

William was amazing. He was very thorough and helpful!

Tara Mahler
Tara Mahler 5.0
kat :D
kat 😀 1.0

I called this company during the freeze in December. They were unable to come on the day they had told me that they would, so I agreed to have them come on the following day. I had no running water and asked the associate for his recommendation since it ...was my first time in this situation. I have a 12 inch pipe in my balcony closet that was bare and apparently all it needed was to be heated up to get the water running again. The associate explained that there may be a leak when water came back on and he would be required to drill holes in the wall and fix pipes in the wall. I asked for his professional advice and based on his description of the choices that was given to me, the third option would cover any complications that may have occurred. He ended up taking a mini butane torch, heated up the pipe and got running water within 10 minutes. He insulated the pipe on the wall. All the materials used came up to less $100, and charged me over $2,000 for everything. Time spent was less than 3 hours (part of the time was him driving to get what he needed from supply store 10 mins away from my house, which took about an hour). I called the office and the manager Neil was unprofessional and rude. He barely gave me the chance to talk and told me that he wasn’t going to give me a refund. I hadn’t even asked him for a refund at that point. He accused me of lying to him about how many price options I was given. It was one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Make sure when you look at their reviews online to click on the negative reviews and you will find there had been many price gouging instances with this company. Do not recommend.Read More...

Chad Heasley
Chad Heasley 5.0

Josh pointed out what needed to be done.

Deidre Finney
Deidre Finney 5.0

Excellent service and excellent communication. Work area left very clean. Very much pleased and glad I called 615 Plumbing. 😊

Gene Pickens
Gene Pickens 5.0

Caleb Miller did an excellent job installing my water heater. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the profession. He had a great personality.and was easy to talk to. A great representative for 615 Plumbing. I appreciated him taking time ...to answer all my questions and he gave me a lesson on what I needed to know … how to light pilot light et cetera. Thanks Caleb for the awesome job you did with the installation!Read More...

donna bohannon
donna bohannon 4.0

Great service, way too oo expensive

James Porter
James Porter 5.0

Kelvin remove all the old water line and replace them with new line and turn off valve under my house

Sandra Harris
Sandra Harris 5.0

Outstanding service, all done the same day. Had two new outside water spigots put in.

Mark Newman
Mark Newman 5.0
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